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The Conscious Cat Store

We are the purr-fect online store for you and your furry-friend.  At Chacon’s you will find a claw-picked selection of Eco-friendly handmade cat toys proudly crafted by designers around the globe with lots of love, purr-fect accessories for you as well briging you good & happy memories.


WE will donate 10% of every transaction to support animals in need. 

Who are We?

Chacon & Enrico are the founder of chacon.com.au working on conscious cat store

How We Work?

In collaboration with designers around the world Chacon is bringing you top quality products furr your furr-ry  frr-iend

Quality Products

Every product is Hand Made with Love. Organic Materials, Natural Toys  personally selected by Chacon

Conscious Cat

Chacon will donate 10% of every transaction –  Funds raised will assist RSPCA New South Wales in their vital work to enrich the lives of all creatures great and small

T O Y S 






  H U M A N  



Happy Clients

Wonderful quality handmade pet toys that instantly delighted my little fur babies. I ordered the organic catnip monster for my cats and the llama for some friends as a Christmas gift…. the parcel arrived with gorgeous packaging so I left it under the Christmas tree before I gifted it. Would you believe it … my cat tore the parcel open to get at that toy, the catnip must be extra strong. It even arrived with a cute gift included free of charge. I’d recommend to all and will buy again.

Excellent in every way.


I bought gifts for a friend who loves orange cats and she loved the brooches, the quality was excellent and her two cats went crazy for the cat nip balls. The products arrived quickly and were beautifully gift packaged. Would highly recommend.

Thank you!!


Eco-friendly and super cute! I can’t resist getting some for me besides just my cat.

The communication from Chacon was great and it took no time to recieve my order. Packaged in a sustainable environment friendly way. My cats loves the toys and I am happy that I am supporting this initiative where everything is conciously produced and sold plus me and my cats love the amusingly super cute toys.

Finding a reason to shop again with Chacon!


Cuddle for Cuddle


Chacon will devolve the money to charity for the purchase of:

cat bed, litter tray and toys

Cuddle for HEALTH


Chacon  will devolve the money to charity for the purchase of:

flea treatment for a neglected

Cuddle for Freedom

Chacon will devolve the money to charity for the purchase of:

keep an abandoned pet warm over winter

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Check Wazzup in Chacks World

2 weeks ago


According to a new study, America’s cats and dogs are having a hugely detrimental effect on the planet.
Due to the millions of meat products consumed by the four-legged furry companions, carbon emissions are notably excessive.
The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, reveals that there are 163 million dogs and cats in the US regularly consuming animal products.

Subsequently, the popular pets are responsible for releasing large amounts of powerful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Americans own the most pets in the world and the upkeep for pet care is considerably expensive. Reducing the rate of dog and cat ownership will significantly reduce the impact on the environment, the study explains.
Equally, efforts to reduce waste, overfeeding and making use of vegetarian protein sources would make a substantial difference to lowering an animal’s carbon ‘paw’ print.

The harmful environmental effects of meat production are widely known.
A 2013 study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences unveiled the quantities of greenhouse gases released after producing one kilogram of different animal proteins.

Researchers found that producing just one kilogram of chicken releases 3.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
For pork, on the other hand, the impact is far greater with 24 kilograms of carbon dioxide released per kilogram.

However, the worst offender is beef, which can release up to 1,000 kilograms, excluding the animal’s water usage.
Gregory Orkin, a UCLA geography professor, calculated the amount of meat likely to be consumed by America’s pet cats and dogs and found that their overall caloric consumption was roughly 19 per cent of what humans consume.

Orkin explained that the figure correlates to the total number of calories consumed by France. Yes, the entire country.

He concluded that US pet cats and dogs account for 64 million tons of nitrous oxide and methane.
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2 weeks ago


Someone is ready to go 😉 #cats #burmesecats #chacontheconaciouscatstore ... See MoreSee Less

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