Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced

Global Sourcing 


By working with trusted partners all over the world, we source fibre-rich areas and manufacturers with expertise in production. This allows us to get the best yarns and fabrics into your hands. We also partner with individual designers and independent businesses which have consciousness in their values, from product sourcing of the natural raw materials to the manufacturing that supports the community in need.

Ethical Manufacturing


We work closely with responsible partners and certified manufacturers to ensure safe and respectful working conditions that exclude child labour. So while we're proud of our premium quality materials, we'll never cut costs at the expense of ethics.


OEKO TEX Certified Yarn


The Yarn we use in some toys like Dishie, Curio, Simply Wool, and Simply Alpaca yarns are Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified! This means that no harmful chemicals or substances are used in the manufacture of our favourite eco-friendly yarns.


Some of the Examples below:


One of your favourites items is our beautiful felt balls.

Working with one of the GoodWeave Certified company, all felt products are fairtrade, child labour free and eco friendly also made under a friendly environment.

All felt balls are hand-made from the best New Zealand's wool by our Nepalese craftswomen. The wool is suitable for everyone and is completely non-synthetic and eco-friendly. It is biodegradable plus safe for children and pets. All the craftswomen are expert in their skills and the products are completely handmade. Strict quality checks for every product are adhered. We are working hard together to give extra wings to Nepalese women so that they can fly independently. Child labour is strictly prohibited in their working area.

As we discussed before the supplier partner is a certified company with the organisation GoodWeave Nepal.

GoodWave and its Network 

GoodWeave is a global non-profit initiative working to end exploitative child labour in the carpet industry and offering educational opportunities to children removed from carpet factories. It is a unique cooperation between carpet entrepreneurs and child rights NGOs for carpet producing and consuming countries. Through workplace inspection, monitoring and consumer labelling, GoodWeave provides the best possible assurance that no child labour has been used in the manufacture of carpet and felt products. Moreover, GoodWeave broadly works for socially and environmentally responsible business practices in line with International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling Alliance (ISEAL), a global leader in setting benchmarks and best practices for certification in this field.

GoodWeave network operates in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, United Kingdom and the United States of America. GoodWeave International (GWI), the governing international body was established in Germany in 1994 and owns the GoodWeave Trademark.


Eco-Loofah: We care for the Earth, you and your pet. Loofah S.A. from Paraguay South America is honoured to present our new and unique Eco-Loofah pet toy line with exclusive designs made especially for pet owners who care about the environment. Our new product line was designed, in part, by our own animals from our sanctuary. As we watched them over the years, we noticed how much they loved playing with loofah. So our designers created this whimsical line of pet toys that animals love. Since Loofah S.A. is committed to supporting environmental projects, we added a bonus for you. 

For each Eco-Loofah toy that you purchase, we will donate a tree in honour of your pet as part of a forest restoration project we help in Paraguay. With the help of the local NGO, OIPIC, we trained more than 13,000 small farmers and Indians in the cultivation of loofah sponges and in organic farming. During these years, we sponsored the planting of more than 500,000 native tree seedlings. We also support several private animal shelters for cats and dogs, including our own Bastet sanctuary.

All of our toys are made by hand. Our people make every stitch with warmth and love for our furry friends.

We work with trusted companies and individual passionate designers from all over the globe to bring you the best quality products. From the design concept to the execution, our products are specially made by hand with lots of love, even if we get help from the sewing machine to guarantee durability in our products.

We believe in spreading the love, one toy at the time and that from one gift comes many. So make the gift of our creation be with you and enjoy these fabulous toys that bring the love and joy to many other  communities, animals and the world.