Natural Hemp Dog Dental Stick

Genere: DOG TOYS

100% organic & natural dog toy. Materials sourced and made in Europe.

I call this the Dental Toy, as it's braided structure, is excellent for dog's dental hygiene. The natural hemp is a great material for this. It's abrasive enough to clean but not damage the dog's teeth. Bad odors aren't a problem with natural hemp due to it's anti-bacterial and mold resistance properties.

Be advised! The toy will last a long time if you set some rules and structures for playtime. Good toys, which dog responds to can be a crucial tool for correcting misbehavior and just for fun playtime.

Banana and dog for scale.


- 5mm Hemp rope

- 27cm / 10.5''
- Weight - approx. 50g / 0.11lbs

- No toxins, herbicides or other harmful chemicals
- Resistant to mold and mildew
- Anti-bacterial
- UV resistant
- 100% natural and renewable fiber
- Good for teeth