Chicken Hat

$22.95 通常価格 $29.99
タイプ: Cat Hats

Chicken Hat 入荷待ちとなり、入荷次第発送します。

They say you are what you eat, so we made that happen with these funny chicken hats for cats. Designed just for your feline friends, each hat is 100% hand crocheted from washable acrylic yarns. The hats are designed to fit adult cats and make cute costumes or photo props.

Place the hat on your pet's head and gently insert the ears into the ear holes. The straps may be tied below your pet's chin to help keep the hat in place.

That hat was designed to fit most average size adult cats or miniature dog breeds (such as Chihuahuas).

The hat measures approximately 2.5" across the forehead and 2.5" across the ear holes.