Adaptil Calm Dog Diffuser Refill

SKU: 1905382

When plugged into the dog’s environment, the diffuser disperses the dog appeasing pheromone for up to four weeks.

As pheromones are species specific, D.A.P. is not harmful to humans or other animals. D.A.P. is natural, safe and simple to use. The use of pheromones in treating both dogs and cats has been found to be an effective way of helping them to overcome fear and stress including separation related problems or the fear of loud noises, places or things.

The dog appeasing pheromone in D.A.P. is a synthetic replica of the natural appeasing pheromone released by the lactating female, which enables puppies to identify the nest and their mother. These pheromones have been found to provide dogs with a message of well-being and calming that helps them to adjust to stressful, new and unpredictable situations.

SIZE: 48mL refill only.


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