Balanced Life 12In Crocodile Sausage Treat Box Of 40

SKU: 440117

The Balanced Life Crocodile Sausage isan Australian-made, all-natural dog treat air-dried in raw form using 85% solar power to preserve maximum nutrients and retain natural crocodile meat flavour.


  • Chewy grain-free, all-natural air-dried crocodile sausage stick treats for dogs
  • Made in Australia with ethically-sourced, human-grade crocodile meat
  • Air-dried to preserve maximum natural nutrients and flavor
    • No hormones added and not genetically engineered
  • For all canine life stages

Quantity: Box of 40 Crocodile Sausages (individually wrapped)

Size: Approximately 30cm (12 inches) per sausage

Protein Type: Crocodile

Ingredients: Crocodile, Potato starch,Chicken, Coconutglycerin, Cane molasses,Guar gum, Salt, Bamboofiber, Potato fiber, Hickorysmoke, MixedTocopherols.

Kcals/100g: 280 kcals