Fling & Fetch Catnip Ball with Sling Shot


Fling and Fetch felted balls and sling shot pet toy.

Looking for a way to exercise your small dog/cat from the comfort of your own couch? We have the perfect solution. Introducing the Fling & Fetch, a wooden sling shot that comes with 6 catnip infused felted balls in rainbow colours. Use the sling shot to fling balls around your house while your pet fetches them, or chases after them. Comes with a chacon linen bag for easy storage.

1 - wooden sling shot
6 - catnip infused felted balls (3cm), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
1 - linen string storage bag

NB. Don't forget to add a refill of 6 balls (random colours)

Remember to always supervise pets during play, not intended as a child's toy. 

* Slingshot are randomly picked. (red or grey)

* Colours in the picture might vary from the item