Hemp Oil Turmeric 100Ml

SKU: Paw-O-5

This is a certified organic, Australian-made hemp and turmeric oil with peppercorns for better turmeric absorption and is formulated for ingestion only.


  • 100% organic Australian-made hemp and turmeric oil for pets
  • Hemp seed oil for essential omega fatty acids
  • Contains turmeric and peppercorns to better absorb turmeric
  • Use in pet’s meals only – not a topical solution

Size: 100mL

Feeding Guide (Serving Suggestions):

1kg to 5kg: 1/2 pump

6kg to 15kg: 1 pump

16kg to 25kg: 1.5 pumps

26kg+: 2 pumps

Directions: Shake the bottle before adding the serving suggestion of oil into pet’s meals.