Premium Organic Catnip Jar


1oz. Jar of (Buds and Coarse Cut) premium grade Catnip, High Grown and harvested in Australia & Canada.

Catnip will attract about 80% of cats. From kittens to adult cats our catnip will stimulate their senses and get them playing and make your cats go crazy! Sprinkle a pinch or two on your cat's bedding, scratching pad, or onto a toy and watch the fun begin.

Very potent Catnip comes in a heavy-weight resealable bag for freshness and convenience.

For maximum freshness store your Catnip in the refrigerator or in cool dry place.

This description is for the following:

- 1 recycled jar 

- 1 oz of Premium Catnip ( Buds and Coarse Cut )

- 1 linen bag