Witch - Hat

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タイプ: Cat Hats
SKU: cha-hat7

Need a simple Halloween costume for your pet? This witch hat would make an easy and adorable costume for cats, kittens, or miniature dog breeds.

The hat is hand crocheted with thick yarn and a tight stitch, so the top part won't flop or lose it's shape. It has an orange band, 2 ear holes and a tie strap on both sides.


Place the hat on your pet's head and gently insert the ears into the ear holes. The straps may be tied below your pet's chin to help keep the hat in place.


We currently offer these hats in 3 different sizes:

Adult Cats and XS Dogs
- Recommended for average size adult cats and extra small / miniature dog breeds (up to about 15lbs)
- Measures 2.5" across the forehead with 2.5" ear holes

Note: weights may vary depending on your pet's breed. For a great fit, check your pet's head size using the above measurements.