Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

Chacon has taken climate actions very seriously and took strict actions to make sure the business has been run towards a carbon neutrality as possible.

To date we have implemented the following:

  • Implemented 100% Renewable Energy 
  • Switched all shipping packaging to compostable mailers
  • Ship all orders via Carbon Neutral delivery service
  • Offset CO2 of all previous non carbon neutral delivery 
  • Offset CO2 foot print for each individual product and also on sale.
  • Planted hundred of trees

What impact did we had do far?

  • We offset to date 69.83 Tonnes of CO2
  • Planted 783 Trees
  • Supported Many Communities in different Continents

What dose this mean?

This climate action had a profound impact, for example our result so far are equivalent to the following carbon emission.

  • 53 International Flights Long Haul
(Our long haul flight of choice is London to San Francisco, a distance of 8,619.80 km (calculated using Distance To).

Using the UK government’s greenhouse gas report from 2017 This flight emits 0.15119 kg per km of CO2 per person seated in economy class. This means the total flight emissions for one person is 1303.23 kg (1.3 tonnes).

  • 208.89 meter2 of sea ice saved
A 2016 research paper published in Novembers issue of Science Magazine, found that the loss of Arctic sea ice had a linear relationship to CO2 emissions. This rate is 3 ± 0.3 square metres per tonne of CO2.
  • 278,810 KM driven by car
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon emissions calculator estimates that 2481 miles (3992.7 km) emits 1 tonne of CO2.