Working Towards Carbon Neutrality

Chacon has taken climate actions very seriously and took strict actions to make sure the business has been run towards a carbon neutrality as possible.

To date we have implemented the following:

  • Implemented 100% Renewable Energy 
  • Switched all shipping packaging to compostable mailers
  • Ship all orders via Carbon Neutral delivery service
  • Offset CO2 of all previous non carbon neutral delivery 
  • Offset CO2 foot print for each individual product and also on sale.
  • Planted hundred of trees

What impact did we had do far? *

  • We offset to date 107 Tonnes of CO2
  • Planted 1,773 Trees
  • Supported different initiatives around the globe to fight deforestation, restoring biodiversity and helping native communities in different Continents

What dose this mean?

This climate action had a profound impact, for example our result so far are equivalent to the following carbon emission.

  • 82 International Flights Long Haul
  • 322 meter2 of sea ice saved
  • 429,104 KM driven by car


*Last data from 04 Nov 2020 ( 6 months, 13 days )